Call for Papers

Transcendental philosophy, as it was understood and practiced by Prof. Marek J. Siemek, was a study of the relationships between the classical problems of metaphysics and epistemology and questions concerning intersubjectivity, realized in social life and its legal and political institutions. „Transcendental” always meant: penetrating into the possibility conditions of being and cognition, of thought and reality, of rationality and facticity. In Siemek’s interpretation „transcendental” became equivalent to „social”, since the said possibility conditions were considered to be essentially man-made, intersubjectively constituted. The organizers are hoping that the conference will follow this general line of thought.

Therefore we propose the following topics:

  • Heritage of transcendental philosophy
  • „Transcendentalism” as the notion and its essential problems
  • Transcendental arguments
  • Transcendental realism – transcendental idealism – new realism
  • Transcendental social philosophy
  • Transcendental dimension of practical reason
  • The concept of „intersubjectivity” and its relevance
  • Intersubjective rationality
  • Dialogical and monological rationality of social communication
  • Epistemology and social sciences
  • Legal and political philosophy

We welcome both the papers discussing different aspects of Siemek’s philosophical heritage, and presenting their authors’ own research of the topics related to his interests.

We accept papers in English and German.

Abstract submission and important dates

Interested Participants are asked to send their Abstracts (of ca. 500 words) via the Registration platform.

Deadline of submission of Abstracts: 31 January 2018
Notification to Authors: 28 February 2018
Registration/payment: until 15 April 2018
Conference fee: 50 Euro. The instructions for payment will be sent to Participants after the acceptance of their abstracts.
Conference date: 25-27 May 2018